Thursday, June 12, 2008

the meantime girl

Nothing about here was beautiful
she did not catch your eye
She was just someone who listened
When someone said goodbye
She was there to cheer you up
make you smile, when you're blue
She did not make your heart melt
You did not see through
She loved you more than a friend
But to you she was just like that
The ordinary girl who was not so thin
Nor was she too fat
Then a day came when she thought,
she saw a glimmer of hope
she thought there was a chance
You no longer mope
You smiled coming her way
A radiance that was shown
And you told her about a girl
A girl you had just known
Told her the girl's face
Was like that of an angel
Truly heaven sent
God's gift to mankind
he beauty he lent
She held back the tears
As you talked still
Realized you wouldn't see through
Perhaps you never will
She was just an ordinary girl
Just an adivser, just a friend
It's your loss if you don't realize
She won't be there till the end

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