Monday, July 21, 2008

selling the drama

if you'd take time to listen

to thoughts left unsaid

jumble up the words

bounce up and down your bed

try to shout your lungs out

hear your mind scream

liberate that being

you only once dreamed

if only you'd see through the joker

and see his tears in the rain

you'd know behind that smile

there is a tinkling of pain

like a facade cleverly placed

a smile really masked

by that jeer and that laugh

you'd see through if you ask

if you know you're free enough

to soar up and fly

you'd shed those inhibitions

without asking why

you'd love like you've never been hurt

and see the rainbow behind the storm

you'd hold him close for now

and conquer society's rules and norms

if you'd feel your heart deep

and let it engulf you down

to that abyss where one

is neither beauty nor clown

you'd buy my thoughts for a sixpence or two

as i sell my own piece of drama

not just for me but for you...

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