Thursday, November 20, 2008

24 things i learned at 24

  1. Your best look could be that out of bed bum look when you wake up every morning.
  2. When you’ve finally convinced yourself you’ve grown up, you realize you’re still a kid at heart
  3. You have more friends but less real ones
  4. The career is good but you can’t also wait to get away sometimes.
  5. You sometimes make the rules as you go along (and oh, break some too)
  6. You begin thinking about that bulge that was non-existent when you were seventeen…and wonder, how did it ever get to be like that anyway?
  7. Coffee in paper cups seems very much a must
  8. You have all the world to choose from, but some bills somehow get in the way
  9. You actually learn how to put on good make up, strut your stuff in high heels, and dress like you’re a million bucks.
  10. You are starting to get this mild case of alzheimers and start forgetting how to spell simple words
  11. You realize that cafeteria food is floating on fat and though that posh resto costs too much, its better to splurge cash on something less greasy for awhile
  12. Dark chocolate tastes much better than the sweet milk bars.
  13. There’s no harm in flaunting what you were given
  14. You could get into other people’s nerves even if you did not do anything
  15. You try pleasing everyone and you get that pile of paper work on your desk because you could never say no
  16. Somehow you’re more sure of where you are going but could never seem to figure out how to get there
  17. Your wardrobe needs some new additions almost every other month
  18. Spas are good places to relax to, only if you don’t have a sadistic masseause to contend with
  19. You drink to all that you have lost and toast it up to it not being worth your time anyway
  20. You see less of the sun on your way home
  21. You’re done pretending to be someone you are not
  22. The night news is bound to make you feel bad (shouldn’t they add good news too?)
  23. You never did know how to cook the way your mom did.
  24. And lastly that you never are ever too old enough to be stop learning…you’re still stuck with ABCs in the form of management problems…and your crayons when you get real fed up.

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