Wednesday, December 17, 2008

looking back

You looked back. Realized that time is but fleeting and there are memories much better left unattended than thought about. But still the memories came. Like ghosts haunting you each time, you manage to remember, and you can't help but look back.

The leaves drifted lazily with the breeze. Your hair was a mess and there he was, standing still as if he owned the world and you were but a mirage. You knew you'd regret looking back the moment you did. He looked at your eyes and you knew somehow, there'd be this third chance waiting to happen. Forget about the last time he broke your heart, you'd erase it as if it were chalk on blackboard. You and he would start all over again. Somehow you'd manage to patch the pieces he broke. You keep telling yourself that and somehow you're believing to believe it's possible.

You started taking that step back. He smiled. You smiled. Then you both held hands and knew that everything was forgotten at that instant when your hands connected with his. He'd not do that again right?

Somehow, you convince yourself he learned his lesson.

You never learned yours.

You're wiping your tears, but still they kept falling. You looked for him and he was not around anymore. Dumb. You keep telling yourself you're like that. You should have never taken that step back. You were his perfect girl and whatever he could not manage to do with you, there'd always be another who would be more than willing. His other hand would be holding yours and the other a phone number he got from some club he went to the night before.

He called you again. You heard his voice. You wiped your tears, gathered what is left of your pride and kept walking. You wanted to look back. You wanted to see him stand there and see what he has lost.

But a hand clasped yours.

Not his.

It was about time you take that step forward. And as you took the hand that clasped yours, you knew there were no more fourth was hard not to look back...but somehow you've found someone who would get you through...

And he would never make you cry...

nor look back.

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