Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Top Ten Online Photo Editing Sites

There have been a proliferation of online photo editing sites lately. From the simple ones where you can adjust contrast, size and brightness to the quirky ones where you can insert your photo on pre-existing pictures, here's my own list of the funny, the weird and definitely the most fun sites on the net. Just a word of caution though, click one of the sites and you'd find yourself hooked. Just make sure your chair offers some good back support and your pc or laptop is not overheating yet. :)

1. Photo Face Fun
More than a hundred pre-existing photos where you can insert your own face or someone else's. If you want to be a star but just don't have their acting skills nor their faces, just insert your picture here and voila, an instant movie poster alongside hollywood's brightest. The site is divided into categories such as advertisement, art, cars, celebrities, drawings, faces, fashion, frames, galleries, holidays, posters, media, vintage and a whole lot more. You can choose your own facebook avatar.

Here's one sample with my niece on a quentin tarantino film.

And my sister and her beau drawn on colored pencil

Oh, and I do hope my brother loves being Wolverine too...hehe

2. Picnik
Now this one is a photographer's and an amateur's photo editing site and when they say its a picnic, it really is. Here you can edit contrast, turn a picture into lomo, even adjust the focus and the blur all with just a click of your mouse and a few tweaks. You can even add your own copyright seal to make sure no one steals that picture perfect shot you've got. Some features are premium though with a corresponding fee. Nonetheless, the free ones are worth your time too.

Here's an example of a picture of me and my friends shyrell, anjie and russiel goofing around with the before and after shot. I edited it using lomo, duo-tone, and added some text and a dropback shadow.

3. Photo Funia
The site is somewhat similar to but what makes this site different is that there are other options aside from just inserting your face on the picture. You can turn your picture into that which is similar to the pictures used at currencies. The site is divided into effects and lab. The effects part is similar to photofacefun, whereas the lab part is a whole new world of its own where you can create your own diploma, create your own lego portrait and even swap faces. Curious? check my examples below to get started.

For example, you can graduate even though you haven't even stepped on that stage.

or command a ship and replace Johnny Depp as a Pirate

4. Big Huge Labs
As per their tagline, Helping you do cool stuff with your photos since 2005, you do not need to be an expert to try photoediting at this site. Make your own poster, jigsaw puzzle, hockneyizer, movie poster, calendar, motivator, and even your own trading card for free. If you want your pictures to be in high resolution though, you'd have to pay them a premium price. But what is usually charged at, such as frames and jigsaw puzzled pictures are free to use on this site. I love the jigsaw and the Andy Warhol technique used in pop-art poster.

Jigsaw billboard at China?

Or Polaroid Overload?

5. Funny Photo Zh
Now, this one is what I call an all in one site. You can touch up, smart fix, edit filters, cartoonize yourself, make your own avatar, and even do everything else at photofunface and photofunia. The only catch is that some of the page is in japanese and you'd have to do the trial and error thing to get it right. Nonetheless, if you're looking for some great avatar for your forums, this one is definitely worth the language translation. :)

here's an example of my beau's brother, Mark Cayago as a blinking Navi

6. Flamingtext
I have been using this since 2000 when I was still in highschool. Now, ten years later, this continues to be one of my top picks for logos and text banners whether it be for email signatures or for powerpoint presentations, this site lets you customize text in a professional way.

7. Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover
Every girl wants some hollywood glam every now and then. Every girl wants a good haircut and some flawlessly shiny locks. Now if you're like me, who's afraid to risk it out before going to the salon, this site allows you to upload your picture and use the model's hairstyle to see if your dream style matches your face or not. This is basically a make-over without regrets. Just a word of note though, the site takes quite awhile to load, but your look afterwards would definitely be worth the wait.

8. Moronface
If number 7 was Beauty, now its your time to turn into a Beast or a Moron for that matter....kidding. Oh and did I mention this one is good for some sweet old revenge to that friend who tagged your ugly pic on facebook too?

I just hope this kid grows up to be the next top model :)

9. My Heritage
Do you want to know if you resemble your mom or your dad more without DNA testing?
Or is it possible you have a twin brother or sister who is at Hollywood? This site matches your photo with the closest match, whether it be your dad or your mom, or even Brad Pitt, it's our time to brag about those genes.

10. Pizap
After searching about your lineage and trying on hollywood style, how about a game of basketball with the president Barack Obama while Lady Gaga, Eminem and Michael Jackson are singing? Or perhaps you'd want to include Michael Jordan himself playing with Manny Pacquiao? Whatever your whim or craziness, pizap has the clip, the avatar or the picture for you.

oh, and before I forget, you can tweak up other people's pictures too. hmmm...perhaps Doodle would be a much better word for this one.

So there you go. My top ten Online Photo Editing sites that would surely take up a lot of your time. There's more than 50 out there but these are the ones that I use every now and then, they come highly recommended but are highly addictive too.

Keep on smiling and editing everyone! Cheers!


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