Saturday, January 15, 2011


To feel the air brushing against your face
To experience pressure in greater heights
If one would believe then one could soar
Into realms not yet discovered and dreams yet fulfilled
Into that next stage, into that next frontier
It does not take a fairy tale for wishes to come true
Around you, you have what is essential for your flight
You just have to believe that you have wings
And then you can fly...


IdeaTraduzioni said...

"You just have to believe that you have wings And then you can fly..."

that's the wish I make to every one of us....believe in our potentialities, ever wanting to make our dreams come true and never give up !
...i really appreciated what you said about my blog...that's whay I want to leave just a few words in Italian " un caro saluto ad una grande poetessa"
...thanks so much honey!take care!

rose_colored_thoughts said...

ciao maria!

salamat (that's thank you in our language) for the kind words and for leaving a comment.

12:25am here and i am still reading your blog.
would probably add some of the places you recommended to my wishlist.


Bill and Debra said...

Very nice blog...I look forward to reading more..we are trying to find our real purpose in life as well.


rose_colored_thoughts said...

hi bill and debra!
i look forwarding to reading more of what you're going to write next as well (there's both wit and humor in what you write) ...oh and btw, your kid looks adorable. :)